Handyman Thoennes in Glen Ellyn IL

Fall and the unexpected

Cold, then rain, then sunny and warmer, then windy and warmer, then still and cooler, then tornado warning, then calm, etc. Unexpected changes and the unexpected beauty in all parts of it. A reflection in the granite counter, reversed, etherial, and the real view, hazed by the rain and leaves and bare red bud in the background. Art. A new paper design. Life and death, and renewal and a feast for my imagination.

Chicago River in the Loop

Chicago River panorama shot using the iPhone 4S running iOS 6, then I took into Instagram to give it that “je ne sais quoi.” Circa 1960 metropolitan post card looks seemed appropriate for this iOS 6 pan view


iOS 6 Panorama Photography

During a visit to the Door for some Wisconsin fall color, we were hiking through the Mink River Trail conservatory and let the iPhone take this wonderful hobbit-like shot in the forest. A new art form worth investigating more and more.

San Antonio Glass Project

Jonathan and Linda Farr of San Antonio commissioned Thoennes Studios to design and build six windows in their hill-country home, to adorn the winding staircase that looks out into the hillside, ponds and valley surrounding their property. Pictured here are the preliminary vinyl plans and templates for the construction. Zinc came with steel reinforcing and glass will be the raw materials for this abstract desert flower design by Mr. Thoennes.


Business Card. Online.

My business cards do exist as standard 3-1/2″ x 2″ paper business cards, but here is the online version. I have nearly four decades in commercial art production for print and will gladly assist you with your next print project whether it be electronic design software consulting, design or production. I am a seasoned veteran in the use of Illustrator and Photoshop.


Woodworking – Design – Build

One of my woodworking projects.

And of course, first things first, my router cabinet which was built so other things could be built. It’s VERY accurate. Incra guides. Depth control to the thousandths… and a hula girl. What more could a woodworker want?

A piece of Figured Walnut. Beautiful. One of my favorites. Reminds me of my Bengal.


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