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New portrait of Mr. Jon Farr

New portrait of Mr. Jon Farr

Jon Farr of San Antonio, Texas, chose Thoennes Studios to shoot his new international portrait.

… on the bench

A short video will be posted soon showing some of the details of building a zinc came and glass window panel.

A short video will be posted soon showing some of the details of building a zinc came and glass window panel.

Abstract Desert Flower, 2013

Abstract Desert Flower, 2013

A photo sent to me from the client after their six stained glass panels were installed by the owner. Each panel is 69-7/8″ x 16″ and is made of glass, zinc, steel and a special polymer adhesive to withstand the San Antonio heat.

March 5th snow bird

March 5th snow bird

A little late for snow for my tastes as we’re all seemingly tired of winter by now, but this scene shows some of the surprising beauty winter still offers.

Olympus OM2 SLR camera.

Olympus OM2 SLR camera.

Beautiful Olympus OM2 with a trio of lenses is being sold. Details can be provided by emailing gregorythoennes@gmail.com.This is a collector’s item and in perfect working order. I just don’t shoot 35mm anymore. A honey for sure.

Wright reproductions by Thoennes Studios

Frank Lloyd Wright was a master designer of the “Light Screen”, or stained-glass windows as we know them now. These are two of my favorites. The Dana Thomas house in Springfield has dozens of intricate windows, panels, sconces, doors and clearstory windows with these intricate patterns. The fountain glass doors go all along the wall off the Dana-Thomas living room.  This reproduction of one of those panels was built by Thoennes Studios, and completed in 1997 using a plan masterfully executed by Dennis Casey. Original prairie-style zinc came, lustre glass and float glass was used in the build. The piece on the lower left is a reproduction of Wright’s window in his home and studio in Oak Park, IL, which was completed just for fun in early 2000.

Frank Lloyd Wright's window reproductions by Thoennes Studios in 1997-1998.

Here are two of my favorite Fllw windows: the fountain glass door — one of dozens of similar designs for the Dana Thomas house in Springfield— and the window from his home and studio in Oak Park.

Stained Glass for Home & Studio

Oak House Window Design

This is a photoshop comp of the stained-glass pattern I designed for my home and studio in Glen Ellyn. 17 windows are currently planned, and the vinyl patterns are waiting to go on the board.


Sandy and the Great Lakes

ABC news reported that the South end of Lake Michigan may get 20 to 25 foot waves from  the northeastern winds directly influenced by hurricane Sandy. Can you imagine? We’re in Chicago, and the storm is affecting us here. God speed and blessings from Chicago for you East coast residents.

Why we’re seeing USB3 and TBolt only on new machines

AS you can see from this chart, most of us are likely using drives that have data rates towards the bottom of the speed range now available. You can see the data rates for the newest USB 3 and Thunderbolt drives near the top of the range. Enough said. Firewire and other drive interface methods are likely to be discontinued. Start collecting those adapters!

New interfaces show a difference

Obvious read and write speed differences with the new interfaces.


Outstanding color this year

The question of whether the color would be better or worse this year because of the extreme heat and drought has been answered. Even the red and white oaks are almost totally rusty-red now and the maples seem like they were airbrushed. Wonderful.

6:00 PM along the Prairie Path in Northeastern Illinois.

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