Handyman Thoennes in Glen Ellyn IL

Category: Woodworking

Baseboard & Crown Moulding Installation

Greg is an expert trim installer, and this project in Glen Ellyn required removal of old, various baseboard and quarter round pieces, and replacement with new 7-1/4″ pre-primed Colonial Baseboards and 3/4″ quarter round. All 800′ were painted in Greg’s…

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Jon Farr Portrait alternate

Both portraits chosen by Mr. Farr and his wife, Linda Farr of Nutrition Associates of San Antonio were shot and retouched by Thoennes Studios in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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Woodworking – Design – Build

One of my woodworking projects. And of course, first things first, my router cabinet which was built so other things could be built. It’s VERY accurate. Incra guides. Depth control to the thousandths… and a hula girl. What more could a…

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