Sump Frump

Sump Frump

A sump line had been run out of the house, across a flower bed wall and directly onto the lawn in front of the side-entrance gate. What a mess. Sumpy smell. Moldy grass. A swale. A truly frumpy sump dump. Greg suggested extending the PVC down (buried in the ground) and across the yard to the vinca bed surrounding a massive pussy willow tree—pussy willows love water and the vincas swallow it too. 1- The hole was dug and the PVC extended (still needs some brown paint :-)); 2- Most of the sod was replaced over the filled trough; 3- the soggy area was stripped of its moldy grass/sod and topped off with new garden soil, some seed, and a nice blanket of grass mat; 4- the neighbor’s lawn that was also turning into a swale was tended as well—it was the right thing to do. A little gentle watering should get that new shade grass growing by next week.

One Comment on “Sump Frump

  1. Do you have a post on the beautiful Frank L Wright lamps you designed and made – they are exquisitely beautiful!

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