Tile leaks no more, & drains better

“There is a steady leak through the ceiling onto the furnace surround every time I take a shower.”

This repair had me a little concerned being that this location was immediately above the furnace and the duct work was hiding the pipes. It was difficult to see exactly where the leak was coming from. The tile in the shower appeared to be fine but it was definitely coming from the shower, so the duct work had to be removed; the tile had to be removed from around the drain, and there was the problem: the PVC drain was too small, leaking around its perimeter, and the sub-floor was saturated with water. My task then was to remove some more tile, some of the sub floor with a sculpting rotary tool to make room for the new, correct-sized drain and re-pipe the drain, making sure everything was sealed properly. After a couple of days of drying out, the sub floor was stained but sufficiently dry enough for me to add the pipes, the drain and new thin set for the tile. Another day and I was ready to finish it with a grout/sealer combination that matched the original grout. Total time about 5 hours plus a lot of waiting!


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