Stained-glass, design, build and ship.

The Farr family of San Antonio, Texas, wanted me to design and build stained-glass panels for their winding staircase. Color in the landscape in a desert environment is beautiful, stunning and remarkable so I wanted the design to reflect that fleeting color. The original design was “flopped” since the Farrs wanted the upper windows to partially block the colorless live oaks that showed when ascending the stairway. 1 shows my original Illustrator design file. 2 is the Adobe Photoshop rendering I provided to the Farrs to show them what the glass would look like installed. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 show the design file, printed out and some of my alterations and notes for the build. Picture 6 is my studio with the first, farr left (misspelling on purpose) glass panel. 7 and 8 show me packing the glass in my custom wooden crates for UPS shipment to San Antonio. And finally, 9 shows the finished panels in place at night, and 10 is the view from the home’s entry. Desert Prairie Flower design, built and crated by Thoennes Studios, Gregory Thoennes principal/craftsman, in my home and studio, Glen Ellyn, IL, 2011.


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